Beginning January 14, Worship Service is at 10 AM

8:30 Early meetings (at members’ discretion)
8:30 Children’s Choir rehearsal
9:30 Adult Choir rehearsal (3 Sundays a month)
9:30 Greeters, Service leader, Ushers, Coffee Prep, Nursery & Preschool classes open
10:00 Worship Service
10:30 (before sermon) Kids go downstairs for activities & snacks
11:10 Worship ends/ Coffee time
11:15 R.E. classes begin, Committee Meetings, Adult enrichment classes, 1st Sun Lunch (with shortened RE time afterward)
12:15 R.E. Dismisses; most meetings & classes end

The Board of Trustees has approved a recommendation by the Religious Education Committee to engage in a six-month experiment, starting January 14th, 2018, whereby our Sunday morning schedule will begin earlier, 10 AM instead of 10:30, and Religious Education (RE) classes for children and youth will begin after the service has ended.

This change will enable us to tap a larger volunteer pool to help with the Religious Education Program. And there are several other interesting opportunities that come with this new arrangement:

  • You can attend church and then leave at around 11 AM, leaving more time for personal activities and events.
  • Board and committee can start their meetings right after church and usually be through by noon or early afternoon.
  • Adult Education classes can begin at 11:15 and end by noon.
  • Parents of children and youth could attend the Worship Service and then socialize while classes for children and youth occur.
  • There are many more benefits to this new schedule but in particular the Religious Education program is likely to gain volunteers. You’ll be able to participate in Religious Education without missing any of the service

We think that this change will work well, and we know many churches use this type of schedule successfully, but we’re not taking anything for granted. The board will be monitoring these changes very carefully and discussing the ramifications at each month’s board meeting. It’s an experiment, the board will evaluate the results after our six-month trial period to decide whether or not it should be continued.