Would you like to reach out and be a pen pal to someone in prison?

The Worthy Now Prison Ministry Network invites people on both sides of prison walls into beloved community. We declare that all persons are worthy of love, respect, and support — not at some future time when we are better people — but as we are right now.

Worthy Now is powered by The Church of the Larger Fellowship, a Unitarian Universalist church of about 3000 members from all over the world.  It’s a church without walls.

The US prison population is the largest prison population in the world and 65% of the inmates in prison are non-violent offenders.   Would you like to reach out and be a pen pal to someone in prison?    Worthy Now, The Prison Ministry Network matches Unitarian Universalists on the outside with a prisoner on the inside who is interested in a friendly correspondence.

In order to be a pen pal, you must complete an application, be 21 years or older, be a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation (either the Church of the Larger Fellowship or another congregation) for at least 6 months, affirm that you have not be arrested or incarcerated in the last 12 months, and you must agree to their guidelines.   The letter writer on the inside agrees to the same guidelines and takes a New UU class as a correspondence class.

The incarcerated letter writer receives only your first name and the correspondence goes through the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  Typically it takes several months to match you with a pen pal.

If you are interested in learning more  or for applying to be a pen pal the guidelines and application are here:  https://worthynow.org/pen-pals/.