Funding our Future

What an exciting time in the life of our church! We’re trying new ways of doing things, our new film committee is making an impact in the larger community, and among other things, we’re awaiting a new minister chosen by our hard-working Search Committee. Our future is around the corner!

Our Stewardship Season is in full swing and we’re doing things differently this year.  We’re having 6 to 7 Stewardship “Gatherings” where we can socialize, get to know each other better, enjoy refreshments and then, of course, talk about this church and its future with Rev. Ed. One very important difference this year is we will fill out our pledge cards at the party. We plan to have our stewardship drive completed by the end of March.

So……here’s your job!
1.     After receiving your invitation in the mail, please RSVP, ASAP! (Call the office if you did not receive an invitation!)
2.     Look over the “Fair Share” information you received in an email and decide upon your pledge.
3.     Attend and enjoy your “Gathering” and fill out your pledge at that time.
4.     And lastly, ENJOY THE FUTURE you’ve helped fund!

Thanking you,
Angela Pruitt & Bob Bradley, Co-Chairs