“Listening” Tour Begins 

Members and friends are invited to give their thoughts on adding a fellowship hall and functional kitchen to our church. These additions would most likely involve the addition to our present building or the construction of a separate, connected structure.

Every effort is being made to hold these meetings throughout the Birmingham area, so there should be one not too far from where you live.  There will be at least two meetings each month throughout the summer and early fall.   Scheduled so far are:

June 27                  2:00 p.m.              Gerda Carmichael

June 30                  3:00 p.m.              Sue & Gerry Garrick

July 12                   6:30 p.m.              Linda & David Corliss

July 24                   7:00 p.m.              Angela Pruitt

August 14              7:00 p.m.               Marcia & Paul Mancill

Sign-up sheets for these cottage meetings are in a loose leaf book at the rear of the sanctuary.

Hoping for the most frank and open discussions, we’ve set a maximum of 8 participants for each meeting, so sign up early.   We want to hear from everyone!