Resilience: A Personal Perspective

Rev. Ed Brock gave a series of sermons this year on the theme of resilience. His interest in this subject was not merely intellectual. During the last 12 months he went through a series of challenges completely outside the sphere of church life, which put his understanding of resilience to good use. On this Sunday … Continued

Choir Sunday

Our choir leads this special service, singing their “greatest hits” of the season before taking a break for the summer. “The Ground” “If Music Be the Food of Love” “Ubi Caritas” “Alleluia” “Sicut Cervus” “One More Redeemer” “When the Song of the Angels is Stilled”

The Poetry of Daily Life

Alabama’s Poet Laureate, Jennifer Horne, encourages people to treat poetry not as something separate and different and on another plane from daily life, but as an integral part of it.  

Poetry in Praise of Nature

Rarely a week goes by when we do not hear of another way humanity is disregarding the complex and delicate relationship between human beings, all forms of life, and the earth’s eco-system. Our culture has been driven for so long so automatically and unquestioningly by an attitude of conquering nature and extracting all we can … Continued

The Loneliness Epidemic

A number of recent studies have indicated that loneliness has been steadily increasing in developed societies. Britain has taken the unusual step of appointing a minister for loneliness. As the ways by which people can be connected increase,  the feeling of being alone has risen as well. Studies indicate loneliness impacts health to a degree … Continued

A Tale as Old as Time

Our congregation is a force for good in our community and the world.  What will it look like as we go forward together in ministry? Our intergenerational service will invite each person to participate in a reflective exercise as we prepare for this exciting transition. Please be there to hear Reverend Julie Conrady, our Minister … Continued

A Whole New World

New beginnings are full of excitement and potential! Join our Minister Candidate, Reverend Julie Conrady, for our service as we explore our collective potential and learn more about Rev. Julie and her journey in ministry. Please be on the lookout for other opportunities throughout the week to meet Rev. Julie and her family.

Looking Forward

Rev. Ed will share some of the background, experience, and research that went into his newly published book Optimal Relationships: A Path Toward a More Civil Society. He’ll also discuss how the perspective of this book might be of value to the congregation as it enters into what will be the most exciting and prosperous … Continued

Dr. King’s Moral Vision for the Poor People’s Campaign

Our guest speaker Scott Douglas of Greater B’ham Ministries says that you can’t commemorate something that has not been completed. What we can do is to bring the poor and non-poor together, across lines of race, gender and ethnicity to organize for economic, social and racial justice.