Board of Trustees
July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Our church board in the memorial garden
Our church board in the memorial garden, L-R: Heather Hunter, Susan Barrow, Misty Bennett, Lisa Moyer, Dave Anderson, Mary Ann Plant, Gerry Garrick, Leigh Shaffer, Andrew Duxbury.

Officers serve 1-year terms

President – Dave Anderson

Vice President – Leigh Shaffer

Secretary – Misty Bennett

Treasurer – Mary Ann Plant

Past President – Virginia Volker

Our church board considers a decision.
Our church board considers a decision.

At-Large Members serve 2-year terms,
with 2 elected each year

At Large Member – Susan Barrow (2nd year)

At Large Member – Lisa Moyer (2nd year)

At Large Member – Andrew Duxbury (1st year)

At Large Member – Gerry Garrick (1st year)

Religious Education Committee
Chair serves 1-year term

Heather Hunter

Other Elected Officers

Endowment Fund Committee members
serve 3-year terms

Aggie Pollack  (2nd year)

Marion Fintel (1st year)

Darryl Hunt (1st year)

Nomination Committee members
serve 2-year terms

Nancy Grove (2nd year)

Lynn Stafford (2nd year)

Angela Pruitt (2nd year)

Alice Lizee (1st year)

Paul Mancill (1st year)