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Rev. Julie and the search committee celebrate the hiring of our new full-time Director of Religious Education, Nicole Jacobson.

Nicole’s welcome letter is below.

Greetings Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham,

I am excited to begin my journey here. I am relocating from Melbourne, Florida, with my husband, Tarek; daughter, Joli; and my parents. I am a proud mother of two beautiful daughters: Skye, who is 23, and Joli, who is 12. Skye will be moving to New York City this summer to pursue her career in fashion marketing, and Joli has high hopes of attending the Musical Theater program at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. We decided to move to Alabama so we could be closer as a family. Tarek owns a business here and was commuting between the two states.

For the last three years, I have been an educator in the Brevard County Public school system as an elementary teacher. One of my greatest joys as a teacher was teaching my students about injustices and their ability to change them. As a class, we studied black history, the refugee crisis, migrant worker rights, women’s rights, animal rights, and water rights. Although we learned about these crises, our focus was the people who stood up to fight them and how even as young people they had the ability to change things.

I do not take the education of children lightly. One of the greatest gifts we can bestow on our children is an education, not one of testing, but one of faith, justice, truth and the joy of ever-seeking knowledge. As I read the seven principles of the UUA, I knew that this would be the place that I would call my spiritual home.

It is such an honor to be welcomed into your community. I am blessed and overjoyed to begin our journey together.