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Reverend Ed BrockReverend Ed Brock has been our interim minister since August, 2016.  He grew up in Fairfield, Alabama, during the tumultuous Civil Rights era.  Although his path and ours wouldn’t merge for decades to come, those were formative years for him as well as our church, which was very active in the struggle for Civil Rights.

As we move toward the goal of calling a settled minister, Rev. Brock’s training, experience and dedication will serve our congregation well. He is the author of the recently published Optimal Relationships.  He is holding Town Hall meetings from time to time to discuss the challenges we face as a church.  He emphasizes engagement between himself, the congregation, and congregational leaders.  As a team, we can fulfill our highest aspirations for our church.  He wants to hear from us about our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Please contact the church administrator to set up an appointment.

See the calendar for Rev. Ed Brock’s office hours.