We Found What We Were Searching For!

Our ministerial candidate, Reverend Julie Conrady
Please welcome our next settled minister!

Rev. Julie Conrady was called to be our next settled minister on May 6th.  She’ll begin on August 1st and will be in the pulpit on August 5th.

Please thank the search committee for their hard work!  They worked hard for the last 9 months to select our next settled minister and she was voted in by acclimation.

Reverend Conrady visited us from April 28th through May 6th and conducted Sunday services on April 29th and May 6th.  During that week, she met with committees, members and children.  We are delighted to welcome her as our next settled minister.

Brief bio of our next settled minister, Reverend Julie Conrady

She grew up in the great plains, lived for a time in the northeast, and loves to travel the world. She received a BA in Religion from Oklahoma City University and a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. Julie has worked as a hospital chaplain, a high school social studies teacher, and a religious education professional. She has published RE curriculum and teaches online world religion courses. Most recently, Reverend Conrady worked as a chaplain to children and adults, focusing on trauma and end of life issues, while serving as the Affiliated Community Minister of First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City. She brings to ministry an array of skills learned in other professions.

​Her spouse is Josue (Josh) Flores. He currently works as a Director of English Language Arts for a public school district in Oklahoma City and is an English teacher by trade and passion. He speaks nationally at education conferences. Their child is Stark Thoreau, who is currently 3 1/2, loves construction, space, animals, weather, and reading. Julie, Josh, and Stark share their home with a beagle named Molly Jane and two black cats named Seuss and SamIAm.

Our Search Committee works shoulder to shoulder.
Our Search Committee worked shoulder to shoulder.

The Search Committee members were

  • John Bawden
  • Nancy Grove
  • Anthony Hamley
  • Cortney Johnson
  • Bill Long
  • Patti Steelman
  • Virginia Volker