Our Search Committee works shoulder to shoulder.
Our Search Committee works shoulder to shoulder.

The Search Committee members have met almost every week since mid-July of 2017. They wrote a covenant in which they made promises to each other over the next eight to ten months. The covenant is hanging on the walls in the Grady Nunn Library.

Committee members are

  • John Bawden
  • Nancy Grove
  • Anthony Hamley
  • Cortney Johnson
  • Bill Long
  • Patti Steelman
  • Virginia Volker
Timeline as of late November
Timeline as of late November

The committee brought in Reverend Keith Kron, Unitarian Universalist Association Transitional Director, to conduct a “Beyond Categorical Thinking” workshop on August 26. They developed and distributed a Congregational Ministerial Search Survey at the end of August. Committee members received the congregation’s blessing on September 10. As of mid-November, the committee has analyzed the survey and created a handout that was distributed at the seven Survey Suppers that occurred in mid-October through the first week of November. They’ll be leading the Service on November 26 and will take questions from the congregation. Because not everyone will be at church the Sunday after Thanksgiving, they’ll be sharing survey results and Survey Supper feedback during 1st Sunday Lunch on December 2. Recently, they completed the Congregational Record, which was a tedious process. Currently, they are developing a Ministerial Search website (password protected) for applicants to discover our church’s rich history.