Most of our events include food!

Social activities strengthen our ties as a church community while fostering friendships and emotional support among members and friends of the congregation. They’re a good way for newcomers to quickly feel at home.

Be sure to view our Calendar of Events and visit our Committees and Learning pages.  Committees work hard but also take time to socialize.  And while our classes are for learning, they’re also for fun!  You might also want to join a Small Group Ministry group.


Cottage Suppers are a great way to connect with others in the congregation.
Cottage Suppers are a great way to connect with others.

Cottage Suppers

Cottage Suppers are a great opportunity for members/friends (especially new ones!) to get to know more fine folks in our congregation.  Sign up in the Social Activities Notebook on the side table in the sanctuary or call the church office. The host provides hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and attendees bring the rest of the meal. When your host calls you, ask what you may bring.

We’re looking for host homes. If you’d like to host a Cottage Supper, sign up in the sanctuary or call the church office at 945-8109.  Contact Mary Ann Plant at for more information.

First Sunday Lunch

On the first Sunday of each month (unless otherwise announced) we sit down to a potluck lunch after the service. First-time visitors are our special guests. The rest of us bring a dish to share (or pay a few dollars, but we prefer that you bring food). Please join us and please sign up to help the hospitality committee, which sponsors this event, to clean up afterward.


MUUsicShare at the Orchard 2018-07-12
We sang patriotic songs this past summer. Click the photo above to see photos from a “wild west” singalong.

Coordinator: Debra Burrell,

Time and place: first Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the sanctuary.  We often meet for extra practice on third Thursdays, also in the sanctuary.

Description: MUUsicShare brings together singers and acoustic instrumentalists of all ages and abilities who enjoy familiar folk songs. We’ll usually have only chords and lyrics available, not standard notation sheet music.

We emphasize the “Share” in MUUsicShare, leading singalongs for our church friends and family in retirement communities.  View our calendar, and contact the church office or Debra Burrell for more information.

Parents’ Gathering:

Facilitator: RE Committee

Time and Place: Every Sunday (except 1st) at 11:30 AM; Room #122 (lower level)

Description: We’ll continue learning from our book, Tending the Flame, the Art of UU Parenting, led once a month by Ruth Vann Lillian. Rev. Julie will meet with us several times to discuss ideas for the future of our RE program. Bob Bradley has offered to speak on Financial Planning for Parents; Lawrence Myers will present on animal psychology.  Please send suggestions for other programs to Ruth at

Prison Pen Pals

The Worthy Now Prison Ministry Network invites people on both sides of prison walls into beloved community. We declare that all persons are worthy of love, respect, and support — not at some future time when we are better people — but as we are right now.

Worthy Now is powered by The Church of the Larger Fellowship, a Unitarian Universalist church of about 3000 members from all over the world.  It’s a church without walls.

The US prison population is the largest prison population in the world and 65% of the inmates in prison are non-violent offenders.   Would you like to reach out and be a pen pal to someone in prison?    Worthy Now, The Prison Ministry Network matches Unitarian Universalists on the outside with a prisoner on the inside who is interested in a friendly correspondence.

In order to be a pen pal, you must complete an application, be 21 years or older, be a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation (either the Church of the Larger Fellowship or another congregation) for at least 6 months, affirm that you have not be arrested or incarcerated in the last 12 months, and you must agree to their guidelines.   The letter writer on the inside agrees to the same guidelines and takes a New UU class as a correspondence class.

The incarcerated letter writer receives only your first name and the correspondence goes through the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  Typically it takes several months to match you with a pen pal.

If you are interested in learning more  or for applying to be a pen pal the guidelines and application are here:

Small Groups

Facilitator: Kim Spidell,

Time and Place: Each Small Group determines day and time.

Description: For a set number of meetings, to listen, to share and to make a deeper connection with others. It is an opportunity to connect through readings and thought-provoking exercises. Topics are numerous. The emphasis is on generous listening with a quiet and loving mind.

UUrban Farmers

This social/educational group shares gardening tips and hosts garden produce sales the Second Sunday of “harvest” months (June – November).  If you have some overabundance in your home garden please bring it.  The table will be open for business after Sunday Services.  Shoppers, please bring small bills and your own bags, if possible.  All proceeds go the the church.

Meetings are scheduled four times a year, in the solstice and equinox months: September, December, March, and June. All are welcome from experienced pros to those who aspire to garden. Dates and places of meetings will be announced in the Order of Service and the All Church Newsletter.

This group oversees our compost bins.  Jim Albea, Marcia Mancill, John Parker and Charles Thompson are the compost consultants and will be happy to answer any questions about using the compost bins.


Other Social Events

Chip serves his gourmet cake at the Stewardship Dinner.
Chip serves his gourmet cake at the Stewardship Dinner.

Past outings have included parties, picnics, trips to various points of interest, movie nights, game nights, coffee house entertainment and men’s groups and ladies’ brunch bunch.  Watch our calendar and read our weekly emails for social activities, and contact the office if you’d like to initiate a new social activity.