The spotlight is searching…

Our church values and depends upon all of our volunteers.  The spotlight is taking a break while the committee on ministry regroups.  Stay tuned for updates.

In December 2017 and January 2018, The Volunteer Spotlight Shines on the Caring Committee

Caring Committee
Sue Garrick, Alice Lizee, Nancy Grove, Susan Putnam and Susan Barrow (Marcia Mancill is not pictured)

It is truly a great pleasure to shine our Volunteer Spotlight on the Caring Committee in December and January!

The Caring Committee is a crew of dedicated volunteers: Susan Barrow, Sue Garrick, Nancy Grove, Alice Lizee, Marcia Mancill, and Susan Putnam. They work together to keep up with the joys and concerns of our church community. The Caring Committee meets monthly to consider people who need a meal, a visit or a card. Sometimes it’s a get well card, a cheer-up card, or even a birthday card to all of our octogenarians.  They have organized an email tree to alert them if someone needs to have meals delivered, an encouraging phone call, or a visit. They try to provide rides to those in need of transportation to church or to doctor appointments. They also keep the minister informed of any concerns. Each week they include in the Order of Service a write-up of pertinent information.

We are all delighted and thankful for the outstanding work of the Caring Committee!


The Committee on Ministry turns the Volunteer Spotlight on hard-working volunteers throughout the year.

In the 2016-2017 year, the Committee on Ministry turned the Volunteer Spotlight on:

Thomas Lower (June-July)

Sylvia Martin (August-September)

Pam Powell (October-November)

Andrea Coleman (January-February)

Leigh Shaffer (March-April)

Trey Tarrant (May-June)

Lynda Wilson (July-August)

Debra Burrell (September-October)

In the 2015-2016 year, the Committee on Ministry turned the Volunteer Spotlight on:

Virginia Volker (June-July)

Mitch Bolton (August-September)

Kim Spidell (October-November)

Patti Steelman (December-January)

Andrew Duxbury (February-March)

Linda Corliss (April-May)