Neuroscience as a Source of Wisdom?

Recent discoveries in neuroscience are helping unravel the mysteries of how our brains make us human, but they are also overturning many long-held assumptions about the Mind and human behavior. In this talk, Dr. Campbell shares some examples of discoveries that could help us to nurture our Unitarian Universalist principles. including tolerance and compassion.

Our guest speaker is Dr. Ginger Campbell.  After spending over 20 years as an emergency physician, Ginger Campbell, MD, returned to UAB in 2014 for training in Palliative Medicine.  Since then she’s been caring for veterans at our local VA hospital. In 2006, Dr. Campbell launched the Brain Science Podcast (now called Brain Science), which shares neuroscience with a world-wide audience. Her goal is to make complex ideas accessible to listeners of all backgrounds.  She’s been a member of our church since 2017.