What’s Love Got to Do with it! – Understanding Communication Dynamics

Have you ever felt undervalued at work, among contemporaries, friends, or within your closest loving relationships? Tony and Tan believe that a successful society begins with strengthening the relationship bonds with those who shape our daily lives. It comes from understanding your needs and the needs of others around you. Come join “This Couple’s Conversation” in exploring the basic tenets of feeling loved and valued in any relationship.

Our guest speakers, Tony and Tan Bell, have been in each other’s lives for over 30 years. They were high school sweethearts who drifted apart, largely due to religious dogma. After separate marriages, five kids and two divorces, they were reunited and married in 2014. Tony’s long history in athletics administration led them to consider “Coaching.” The Birmingham natives have begun a communication dialog type of Relationship Coaching. They quickly realized that a healthy society is made up of all types of relationships, and that attention needs to be given to strengthen those relationships. Tony and Tan facilitated a group known as “Couples Conversation.” That group, along with many other relationship dynamics, form the core catalyst to their researching, developing an understanding, and starting conversations that are important to all of us.