Ethics and Commodification of Everyday Life

Rev. Jennifer SandersPlease join our guest speaker, Reverend Jennifer Sanders, on September 30th. She’ll explore our question for the day – in a world that soaks us in materialism and commercialism, how might we craft a meaningful life?

Reverend Jennifer Sanders is the pastor of Beloved Community Church, UCC, a diverse progressive faith community in Avondale. She works at the intersection of public theology, social justice advocacy, creative expression, pastoral care, and conversation to explore how we find and express the sacred in everyday life. Before entering the ministry, Jennifer worked in refugee resettlement, Medicaid outreach, botanical education, and community and medical occupational therapy settings for people with disabilities and acute illnesses. She lives with her family, a passel of dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and a frog. You will often find her drinking coffee and engaged in deep discussion with interesting people of all ages.