Poetry in Praise of Nature

Rarely a week goes by when we do not hear of another way humanity is disregarding the complex and delicate relationship between human beings, all forms of life, and the earth’s eco-system.

Our culture has been driven for so long so automatically and unquestioningly by an attitude of conquering nature and extracting all we can from it – not merely to fulfill our basic needs –  but to feed a ravenous appetite for affluence without regard for long-term consequences.  Alternative paths have been all but forgotten.

Over the last ten years, we seem to have entered a time when the consequences of this exploitive relationship to the Earth and Nature is generating unforeseen consequences. Rarely does a month go by without some new reminder that nature – in the form of aberrant weather patterns or in some other way–  is beginning to reflect a response to humanity’s disregard of Nature’s balance.

On this Sunday Rev. Ed Brock will share some poems that point to a relationship to nature different than the one that permeates our culture and society.