The Van Gogh Café

Led by the Rev. Keith Kron, the Director of the UUA’s Transitions Department. Living our Unitarian Universalist values isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be. Often what we strive for is not what actually happens. How can we improve the odds that we will lead with our best values inside and outside our congregation? This sermon will explore these issues as they pertain to your next minister.

This service will be a follow-up to the special Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop which will be held on Saturday morning, August 27th . The Beyond Categorical Thinking (BCT) program works with Unitarian Universalist congregations who are in the search process for a new settled minister.

Rev. Keith Kron is the Director of the Transitions Office for the UUA, helping congregations and ministers as they navigate the ministerial search process. He is the former Director of the Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Concerns for the Unitarian Unversalist Association. He held that position for over 14 years from 1996-2010. He has visited over 450 UU congregations across the continent, helping them in Welcoming Congregation work, Beyond Categorical Thinking workshops, public witness, and the ministerial search process. A former elementary school teacher, Keith also has taught an online class for Starr King School for the Ministry, our UU seminary in Berkeley, on children’s literature. He also leads workshops on the enneagram, plays and teaches tennis, and collects children’s books in his spare time (He has over 8,500 of them.). He is 56 and currently lives in Providence, RI.