Guest speaker

What Could Transform Our World?

Rev. Edie Love will examine how we collectively and individually “other,” and imagine how that might change.

Edith Love was welcomed into fellowship, but has not yet been ordained. She believes her calling is to minister with those most marginalized in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. … read more.

A Place for Us

A sense of belonging is fundamental to our experience as human beings. Most people are grateful to find a community where they feel at home, or they are seeking one. Unitarian Universalism provides such and environment for many, and yet not all. How do we … read more.

This American UU

National Public Radio’s weekend program, “This American Life,” regularly weaves a set of stories around a single theme. This sermon offers three different reflections about Unitarian Universalism (UU). The first act considers UUs with 25 years or more of church membership. The second act considers … read more.

Neuroscience as a Source of Wisdom?

Recent discoveries in neuroscience are helping unravel the mysteries of how our brains make us human, but they are also overturning many long-held assumptions about the Mind and human behavior. In this talk, Dr. Campbell shares some examples of discoveries that could help us to … read more.

Identity Politics without the Politics

Romeo famously asked, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose /By any other name would smell as sweet.”  But scientific experiments, historical examples, literature through the ages, and our own personal feelings and experiences challenge what seems to be a truism.  What … read more.

Radical Acceptance and Responsibility

From small disappointments to major suffering, taking responsibility for our hardships yields a healthier, happier life. Based on the speaker’s experience and research, the model of practicing radical acceptance and responsibility in everyday life not only helps us heal from past pain, but also equips … read more.

Faking It

A refection on life: A nagging sense of undeserving. Habitually coming up short. Pulling wins out of nowhere. Getting lost in pretending. Gaining a toehold, when life is rarely what it appears to be. Bill Long’s ruminations on life and living. 

Born in Meridian, Mississippi, Bill … read more.