Guest speaker

From Elder to Youth:  A Conversation

Come enjoy an intergenerational service of cooperative worship among the younger, middle, and elder members of our congregation.  The youth will engage in a group interview of Dr. Jeanne Weaver, one of our most beloved elder members.  We’ll also join in a belated birthday celebration to honor her after the service.

Poetry Sunday

We will celebrate the beauty and inspiration of poetry by incorporating traditional, modern, and original poems in every element of our service read by service leaders and volunteers of all ages.

Does the Sun Rise? Thoughts on the Phenomenology of Time

Corey Shum, director of UAB’s Immersive Experience Lab, contemplates ways our experience of internal and external cycles bind us to the interconnectedness of existence, and what happens when these cycles fall apart.

The Health Care System, Industry and Morality

Dr. Andrew Duxbury will explore some of the subtext behind our current health care headlines, how we got to this point, and what it means for those of us who believe in Unitarian Universalist Principles. Dr. Duxbury’s Message: Many long years ago, when I was in college, I took a course in modern philosophy.  It was … Continued

Being American–Patriot or Enemy?

Marilyn Kurata will address being American. She says, “My father turns 96 in October. He represents a disappearing generation in American history, both as a WWII veteran and earlier as one of the more than 110,000 Japanese Americans forced to leave his home on the West Coast by Executive Order 9066. Unfortunately, remembering the past … Continued

“Essential Environmentalism: Reconnecting with our home and our selves”

Trey Tarrant will discuss our 7th principle and its relevance to Unitarian Universalists in the modern world. He’ll share his thoughts about how we can embrace and expand this principle in our approach toward environmental issues and everyday living, and in so doing, discover and enhance the part of ourselves which is inextricably connected to … Continued

Our Hidden History: The Universalist Roots of UUCB

Knowing where we come from helps us chart our path forward. This Sunday, Rev. Monica Dobbins presents her research on the Universalist movement in Alabama, dating back to the 1820s and directly preceding to the founding of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham. Her paper on this topic won this year’s Unitarian Universalist Heritage and … Continued