Speaker: Rev. Ed Brock

Resilience: A Personal Perspective

Rev. Ed Brock gave a series of sermons this year on the theme of resilience. His interest in this subject was not merely intellectual. During the last 12 months he went through a series of challenges completely outside the sphere of church life, which put … read more.

Poetry in Praise of Nature

Rarely a week goes by when we do not hear of another way humanity is disregarding the complex and delicate relationship between human beings, all forms of life, and the earth’s eco-system.

Our culture has been driven for so long so automatically and unquestioningly by an … read more.

The Loneliness Epidemic

A number of recent studies have indicated that loneliness has been steadily increasing in developed societies. Britain has taken the unusual step of appointing a minister for loneliness. As the ways by which people can be connected increase,  the feeling of being alone has risen … read more.

Looking Forward

Rev. Ed will share some of the background, experience, and research that went into his newly published book Optimal Relationships: A Path Toward a More Civil Society. He’ll also discuss how the perspective of this book might be of value to the congregation as it … read more.

Flower Communion

Join us for this colorful annual tradition.  Please bring a flower or two from home if you have one, but there should be plenty of extras if you don’t have one.

Embrace Your Future With Joy

The future is headed your way. You are about the cross the threshold into a new future.  For the last year and a half, dozens of people have been toiling away at the work of preparing the church for the future. And now all these … read more.

Is a New Social Movement Rising?

The recent school shooting in Florida created a surge of activism from students. Under the rallying cry of #NeverAgain, survivors have lobbied lawmakers about school safety and gun control. Where will it lead? We’ll examine this rising social movement and explore what it could mean for our society and … read more.

Getting Ready For Your Future

The church is moving toward a new era with a new settled minister.  Churches tend to focus on the new settled minister rather than the functioning of the congregation itself. We need to ask ourselves “What work needs to be done to be the best congregation we … read more.

The Ingredients of a Healthy Church

There are clear, unequivocal characteristics of healthy, thriving congregations. As the congregation looks ahead to a new settled ministry, and to a long and mutually satisfying experience for all, amid the excitement and anticipation of the moment, there is a need to look carefully at … read more.