Rev. Ed Brock

Getting Ready For Your Future

The church is moving toward a new era with a new settled minister.  Churches tend to focus on the new settled minister rather than the functioning of the congregation itself. We need to ask ourselves “What work needs to be done to be the best congregation we can be?”  This Sunday Rev. Brock will explore this issue, with … Continued

The Ingredients of a Healthy Church

There are clear, unequivocal characteristics of healthy, thriving congregations. As the congregation looks ahead to a new settled ministry, and to a long and mutually satisfying experience for all, amid the excitement and anticipation of the moment, there is a need to look carefully at what being a healthy congregation means.


  This church is called into existence and sustained  by the generosity of people. Our society, at all levels, is held together by generosity, by the myriad ways people express their care for one another.  On this Sunday Rev. Brock will reflect about the meaning of generosity in our daily lives.

Trust is the Currency of Life and Community

  Trust is essential for building community. It’s the glue binding people in common hopes and aspirations. Without it, the tender cords between people whither.  Trust accrues as actions to support it grow in a stable procession through all the seasons of relationship.  Rev. Brock will explore the importance of trust as this congregation looks ahead … Continued

A Christmas Eve Reflection–evening service

Join us at 5 PM for a meditative service on the meaning of Christmas from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.  This special service will feature choral music and candlelight.

An Early Christmas Gift

Rev. Brock will reflect on the implications and meaning of the recent Senate election. This election revealed a whole new world of possibilities for citizens of Alabama. The engagement of Unitarian Universalists in Alabama will be highly significant regarding whether the new possibilities before us can be turned into realities.


In this service we will seek to understand the ways Thanksgiving has been honored in our culture and society and explore how Thanksgiving might be viewed from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.