Ruth Vann Lillian

Perched on the Cusp

While the only constant in life is change, we waver between the security of predictable routine and the allure of surprise and novelty.  The last day of the calendar year is good vantage point from which to look both behind and ahead, asking about who … read more.

Resist & Rejoice!

Unitarians and Universalists began as counter-culture movements in resistance to the strict doctrines and practices of the early Calvinists, and they have never looked back. As a movement, Unitarian Universalism has been resisting, responding and reacting to systems of tyranny and injustice for a long … read more.

“Still Trying to Overcome”

Twelve years ago I confessed the painful truth of my own racism, and examined some difficult realities of living in Birmingham through the lens of my family history. Now I want to re-examine my life and the world I live in, look at what has … read more.