Looking Forward

Rev. Ed will share some of the background, experience, and research that went into his newly published book Optimal Relationships: A Path Toward a More Civil Society. He’ll also discuss how the perspective of this book might be of value to the congregation as it enters into what will be the most exciting and prosperous … Continued

Dr. King’s Moral Vision for the Poor People’s Campaign

Our guest speaker Scott Douglas of Greater B’ham Ministries says that you can’t commemorate something that has not been completed. What we can do is to bring the poor and non-poor together, across lines of race, gender and ethnicity to organize for economic, social and racial justice.

Respect your Mother (Earth)

Our guest speaker is Felicia Buck, executive director of the Alabama Environmental Council.  Earth provides what is needed to sustain all life. Protecting the environment and the natural resources it so graciously provides us is a form of stewardship and a way to honor nature. There are many actions we can each take to make … Continued