Digital Services and Much, Much More

Digital Services for Social Distancing

For the first time in UUCB history, our Sunday services have gone digital for the time being.  Other events have also gone digital.  Watch the website for links to be updated each week.  In times like these, it is so important to stay safe, stay home, and also to stay connected. But virtual space is still real life – it’s new, and uncomfortable for many of us, but it will help move us through these challenging times. We encourage you to try these links ahead of time so you see what happens. If you have any technical issues, we have several folks who are willing to be tech support for members of the congregation to help you connect in these digital ways. Let us know!

How does the online service work?  Click here.

Many thanks to those who are working so hard to create vehicles for connection. This is an invitation to these various opportunities – feel free to plug in to what would be meaningful to you.

In addition to digital Sunday services, there’s much, much more!

Please fill out the online connection card, so that we may get to know you better. Thank you!


Instructions from Keith for using Slack:

If you aren’t familiar with it – Slack is a communication platform for teams and communities.  It’s like a set of big chat rooms with real-time text conversations. Lots of people can belong to them and you can share files, links, etc.  I’ve had very positive experiences with it in both work and personal settings. It has replaced a lot of email in my life.
It’s available on a wide variety of devices so you need to start with where you feel like using it.

1. Check your email for an invite link.
Follow that link to create a login password for our Slack space.
You may be connected straight to the browser version after this process.

2. Download an app / client
Slack runs just about anywhere and you aren’t limited to one. I use the Mac client and have it on my phone.

search for “Slack” in the app store

The logo / icon will look like this –





3. Connect the workspace to your app / client
After you have a phone / desktop client downloaded – you’ll need to connect to the workspace.

This may vary by device, but you should see an obvious prompt to do so if you are a first time user.

Use your email and the password you created earlier to connect the workspace.