See the Upcoming Worship Services page for a link to the service.

We will remain a virtual community until medical experts tell us it is safe to return to in-person services.

With gratitude to Jonathan Fleming, Mike Combs, and Josh Flores, we offer a completely digital service, including the masterful keystrokes of Chip, the harmonious voice of Becca, one of our worship associates, one of our Board members, followed by a religious education activity created by Nicole (more information forthcoming), and Zoom Rooms for those groups who still wish to meet in a digital format (contact me if your group would like to meet). Thank you to all who have made this possible.

On-Line Worship: How will this work?
Join us in our virtual space this Sunday, beginning at 10:00 AM. Like physically coming to church, you should plan to “arrive” a bit early to get settled in before the service begins.

• In preparation for the service, you can look at the attached Order of Service and the hymns Becca will be leading.
• If you have a candle handy, please set it aside, along with a way to light it. (The UUA also has a handy chalice lighting on its Worship Web app, found in your phone app store.)
• We will have an interactive service piece, to ground us during this difficult times, and for that we encourage you to gather:

o something green
o something that sparks joy
o something which brings you calm or comfort
o a cloth of some kind

If you would like to setup Venmo for the Offering, this is a good video: UUCB’s Venmo name is @UUCBHAM

Our website also has other options for online giving:

If you need help accessing the online service, please email Rev. Julie at and she will have someone contact you to help.

We will record this service and post the recording to our website and Facebook page so it may be viewed at a later time.

We know this format is not the same as attending worship in person. Yet, we want to ensure all have some safe way to connect with community.

We look forward to seeing you in our virtual space, Sunday morning at 10 AM!

Rev. Julie