Our minister is available for the pastoral care needs of members and friends. Rev. Julie Conrady works with the Caring Committee to provide help to members and friends going through major life transitions–happy ones such as weddings and child dedications, as well as difficult ones like the death or illness of loved ones, divorce, and other trying circumstances.

We care.
We care.

You are invited to inquire directly with the minister, by calling (205) 945-8109, to see if there are ways the church can be of service.

Caring and Sharing

As a church family, we support each other.  Our Caring Committee helps to ensure that everyone gets the support they need.  The committee partners with the minister and volunteers in the congregation to provide pastoral care to those in need of logistical or emotional support.  We keep abreast of our congregants’ needs through our Circle of Lights as well as informal reports from our members.  We keep the congregation and the minister informed of pastoral needs, and coordinate efforts to fulfill those needs.

We often provide meals, cards, flowers and home visits to the ill and elderly, keeping them in touch with the congregation.  We’re also there to simply lend an ear to those who want to tell us about their burdens.  We’re committed to providing timely and supportive services to the best of our abilities.

Co-Chairs are Susan Barrow and Nancy Grove.