Ushers help to ensure that we have what we need for Sunday morning services.
Ushers help to ensure that we have what we need for Sunday morning services.

Volunteering is the best way to deepen your connection with our church and the broader community.  We have many opportunities to serve, so you’re bound to find a niche within one of our committees that you’ll find meaningful and fulfilling.  If you see a need that’s not being fulfilled, please suggest a new committee to the board.

At our church, volunteers make flower arrangements, brew coffee for our after-church social hour, greet visitors, help plan worship services, lead our small group ministries, cut the grass, help provide pastoral care, and so much more.  Write the committee chairs listed below for more information.  If the chair position is vacant, please write the board president.

In addition to our ongoing committees, we have special-purpose teams, less formally organized, but still hard-working.  Other opportunities for service and leadership can be found on our Social Events and Learning pages.

Adult Enrichment


Our Adult Enrichment committee promotes the spiritual, intellectual, and creative growth of our members and friends by organizing classes, interest groups, and forums.  These activities also foster community by allowing members and friends to get to know one another better.

Co-Chairs: Susan Barrow and/or Samantha Lalak.

Building & Grounds

Volunteers keep our grounds looking great.


The Building  & Grounds Committee manages the upkeep & maintenance and maintenance of our building and grounds.

Building management includes:

  • managing the cleaning staff
  • maintaining the roof and overall structure
  • maintaining the heating and air conditioning system

Grounds management includes:

  • pruning
  • cutting grass
  • weeding
  • maintaining the parking lot

Interim Chair: Dick Echols



The Caring Committee acts as liaison between members in need, the minister, and the congregation.The committee keeps our shut-ins in touch with the congregation and keeps the minister and congregation informed of  illnesses and other problems in the church family, providing timely, compassionate help when needed.  If you have an item you wish to share about a church member, please contact Marcia Mancill.

Co-chairs are: Nancy Grove and Susan Barrow.



The Decorating Committee works to make the church attractive and inviting by bringing harmony and unity to spaces in which we worship, socialize and work together.  The committee is responsible for all interior spaces on the upper level and, on the lower level, the Reading and Volker Rooms.

Chair: Barbara Koehler

Denominational Affairs


Ensures that members are aware of events occurring in their areas of interest.

Chair: position is open



Oversees funds that go to UUA for management of funds. If funds are a realized gift from an estate, the gift will be considered an endowment unless otherwise noted.

Chair: Holly Hilton

Film Series

Geriatrician Dr. Andy Duxbury leads a discussion on 3 short films for "Just Keep Breathing."
Geriatrician Dr. Andy Duxbury leads a discussion on 3 short films for “Just Keep Breathing.”


The Film Committee plans and organizes “On Topic,” a series of film-and-discussion events offering cinematic adventures followed by thought-provoking discussions on a variety of topics for church members and members of the wider Birmingham community.

Chair: Pam Powell



The Finance Committee works with the Board to develop the church budget, and monitors expenditures and financial status on a monthly basis.  The committee works with other groups on projects to improve the financial status of the church.

Chair: Paul Mancill

Gerda arranges flowers
Gerda arranges flowers for a service.



This groups provides flowers for the podium each Sunday.  The committee raises funds by arranging flowers for those who want to donate an arrangement for a Sunday or for a special occasion.

Chair: Gerda Carmichael



This committee ensures that coffee is made each Sunday, coordinates our First Sunday Lunch, and organizes receptions for various church events. They solicit donations of food and beverages and coordinate volunteers to set up and clean up after the event.

Serving cake after New Member Ceremony
Serving cake after New Member Ceremony


Laura Stultz (greeters)
Patti Steelman (coffee)



Provides leadership for the social justice concerns of the church, metro area, state, nation, and the global community.

They assign one to the be the recipient of Share the Plate once a month.

Chair: Melanie Geer

Community Outreach (sub-group of Justice)


This groups takes donations & casseroles to FireHouse Shelter, Pathways and Greater Birmingham Ministry.

Chair: OPEN

Memorial Garden


Ensure that the plaques are engraved and installed in the Memorial Garden to commemorate the departed.

Chair: John Powell



The music committee works with the choir director, pianist and guest musicians to provide beautiful music for our services. They keep the library of music scores organized and available for the adult choir, keep the piano tuned, and schedule guest musicians.  They comply with music licensing requirements.  Through MUUsicShare, the committee sponsors singalongs for the under-served within the Birmingham community.

Chair: Debra Burrell



Provides a slate of Board members every year, along with other congregational-approved committee members. The Nominating Committee consists of five members of the congregation and is elected by the congregation.

Chair: position open



The Outreach Committee works to foster awareness of our faith in the Birmingham area. We accomplish this mission by advertising the church and its activities, staffing tables at community events, and partnering with other committees that interact with the public.  The Outreach Committee also maintains our facebook page.  For website updates please contact the office.

Chair: John Bawden



Responsible for the interviewing, contracting, evaluating, and overseeing of the church staff in order to facilitate a productive and harmonious work environment for all.  Conducts yearly evaluations and provides input to the Board about appropriate rates of pay for the staff.  The Personnel Committee attempts to responsibly rectify and/or answer any staffing problems or questions.  The Personnel Committee is also responsible for periodically evaluating the church’s health insurance programs to make sure they are beneficial and cost-effective for all concerned.

Chair: Barbara Koehler


The mission of the RE Committee is to educate our children about the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles and the six Sources, and to support them in their search for meaning and spiritual growth in an accepting environment that is both nurturing and loving, yet challenging and stimulating.

Chair: Heather Hunter

Safe Congregation


The Safe Congregation Committee looks at all potential major safety issues on church grounds and forms policies and procedures to address those situations. Please report your safety concerns to us as well as the board president.

Chair: Sarah Moody

Small Group Ministry


Small Group Ministry (SGM) happens when a group of committed folks (7-11 people) come together to explore a variety of topics. The format encourages listening more than speech-making, and the sharing of personal stories more than critique. It is soul-tending time; a time to form new friendships and connect with others.

Co-chairs: Kim Spidell and Holly Hilton



Oversees the campaign drive for pledges so that the Board can prepare the budget for the following year.  The Board produces a prospective budget before the drive to use as an inspirational target for the pledge drive.

Chair: Cortney Johnson



Manages the technologies that enable and promote communication, both internally and externally, including sound system, internet, website, physical computing, network infrastructure, and other related information technologies.



As sanctuary greeters, the ushers are cheerful and friendly; and as ushers (helpers), they are trained and eager to help the church attendees and those providing the day’s service with whatever help is needed. It is the responsibility of the ushers to see to the comfort, safety, and needs of the congregation and to help to ensure that the service run smoothly.

Chair: Gil Dacumos


In addition to committees, we have many working teams and groups with common interests that form for specific purposes. These include:

Auction Team


A way to support our beloved church community!  There will be unique items in all price ranges. Eat, drink, be merry, and support the church in one fabulous evening!  Members and friends donate hundreds of items and crafts for this event.

Contact: chair position is open.  Contact our board president to volunteer.

Green Team


The Green Team was formed to inspire our congregation to make earth-friendly choices in our daily lives as part of our commitment to our seventh UU principle. Education is our focus, so we can better understand how every decision has an environmental justice impact.

Contact: chair position is open.  Contact our board president to volunteer.

Transition Team

The Transition Team is in place to ensure that our new minister, Reverend Julie Conrady, has a smooth progression from being our #1 ministerial candidate to our settled minister. They will meet with Reverend Julie on a regular basis to determine her needs and to evaluate all of our ministries going forward.

The team consists of six members. Three are from the Search Committee: Anthony Hamley, Cortney Johnson, and Patti Steelman. The other three were appointed by the Board: Dave Anderson, Misty Bennett, and Courtney Echols.

Worship Associates

Worship Associates, led by Rev. Julie, help plan and participate in worship services.