As part of our commitment to our faith’s 7th principle, respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part, we formed a “Green Team” to lead the way to greater environmental justice.  This committee is focused on education and implementation of more earth-friendly choices for our congregation.

You won’t often see plastic, disposable dishes and cutlery at our church events.  We advocate the use of ceramic and metal, which we can wash and re-use.  We compost our kitchen waste and use the finished compost on the children’s garden.  We have recycling bins conveniently located throughout the church.  We have programmable thermostats, timed to provide comfort when needed while minimizing energy use when the space is unoccupied.  We employ sustainable practices in our grounds maintenance, as well.

We encourage congregants to apply these earth-friendly practices at home, as well.  Suggestions include:

  • Reduce (consumption), re-use (when possible) and recycle (and buy recycled).  In addition to the Alabama Environmental Council‘s recycling center, you can recycle many items including glass at some Target stores.  For more recycling options, try the AEC recycling search engine.
  • Look into your city’s curbside recycling program; if there’s not one, write your mayor to suggest it
  • Choose reusable cups and utensils, avoiding plastic disposable ones. Most coffee shops will happily fill your own ceramic or reusable travel mug instead of their plastic one
  • Compost yard and kitchen waste
  • Install programmable thermostats for your heating and cooling system
  • Install “on demand” water heating to reduce energy waste from tanks that fill and hold large amounts of hot water
  • Perform a home energy audit
  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags to avoid the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags

Contact LeNell Camacho Santa Ana for more information about our Green Team.