children's playground
Children’s playground, seen through a window adorned with their artwork

Lower Elementary – Creating Home

At the core of our Unitarian Universalist community are our seven Principles. The Principles encompass all the ingredients of a good and faith-filled life based on equality, freedom, peace, acceptance, truth, care, and love. The Tapestry of Faith program explores all the Principles in the context of Beloved Community of family/home, school, neighborhood. Participants engage in activities that emphasize the love they feel in community.

Teachers: Sarah Moody, Blair Lanier, Lisa Moyer; Assistants: Ana Sullivan, Jillian Combs

Upper Elementary- Sing to the Power

The Upper Elementary class is for children in 3rd through 6th grade. At this age, we start to talk more about the greater world and our place in it. We focus on issues of social and economic inequality, on the importance of taking care of our earth, and what we can do to make the world a better place.

Teachers: Lead–Marcia Mancill, Heather Hunter; Assistants–Laura Gallitz, Krista Fine, Scott Naftel