So many of you are reaching out with how you can help during this challenging time in our world. Your generosity and helpful spirit is encouraging. We know that more ideas will emerge.

Here are some ways you can help those at your congregation and staff at this moment:

  • Join the calling list, to be sure everyone knows about our digital service for tomorrow, and that we are suspending physical meetings. Thank you to the Care and Share team for starting this important project. Email Rev. Julie to sign up.  See the church directory and call the office if you don’t have access.
  • Offer to take groceries or supplies to folks near you. Email Rev. Julie to sign up.
  • If you are in the COVID-19 high risk category as deemed by the CDC (older adult or heart disease or lung disease or diabetes or compromised immune system), please email Rev. Julie  or call (see directory). We have a team standing ready to support you to help with groceries, errands, etc., so you can stay home and safe. Even if you think you are “fine” now, we would like to be able to check in as this progresses through Alabama. You don’t have to share your medical history, just please let me know you’d like to be on the Extra Care list. Thank you to Billy and Laura Nelson and Keith and Jenna Weber for preparing this. Email Rev. Julie to sign up.
  • Join a distribution team, to pick up items from the church, to drop off at homes near you. (One example of this is RE crafts for the families). Thank you to Heather Hunter for mapping out our church. Email Rev. Julie to sign up.
  • Offer to read a book on video to be distributed to our RE families, all of whom will have children unexpectedly at home for 3 weeks. Email Nicole to sign up.
  • Join us for our digital services and other events every week.  Being together in community will be supportive to us all.
  • Please call Rev. Julie if you become ill or self-quarantined. She is happy to have one-on-one conversations scheduled through calendly.
  • Please keep sending in your pledges so we can continue to pay the bills. The staff are doing what we can to keep the church running during this hiatus.
  • Are you able to edit/compile videos into one larger video? Please let us know if you have these capabilities!
  • We need help from the safety of your own home! We need folks to moderate the chats on Sunday mornings, folks to greet others during coffee hour on Zoom (we still have new visitors!), and folks to facilitate gatherings (online games, knitting circles, dinner parties, classes, workshops, etc). Please let us know if you can help – we’re happy to provide the Zoom space.