What our members say

The UU Church of Birmingham has been a home for my family since we moved here from California in 2009. We dedicated our daughters here and they have been loved by the church ever since. We value the opportunity to see positive models of parenting and marriage. The church community teaches us how to live in relationship with others and in how to live our values in the community. — John

I did not grow up in a church, but my husband did, and I could see that I missed out on something special.  I wanted my kids to experience that same sort of community, but did not want to attend a traditional church since I identify as a secular humanist.  After some research, I found that I agree with the philosophy of Unitarian Universalism.  My kids have found the special community at UUCB that I hoped they would, and as I have increased my involvement with the church, I have found myself to be a part of that community as well.  UUCB has become home to my family. — Heather

Being a member of UUCB has connected me to an inter-generational community of forward thinking, open-minded, and deeply caring people. Our church has a history of acting for civil rights that continues today. At UUCB I am accepted for who I am and not required to endorse a particular belief system. I treasure being part of community that questions and that listens to each other. — Diane

After looking all my life for a church where I felt at home, I finally found the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham. On my first visit, I looked around and saw liberal, kind-hearted, accepting people and absolutely no dogma or rigidity. Almost two years later, I am still discovering the wonder of being with people I consider family. The opportunities for growth, service, and friendship abound, and I am so grateful to be here. — Michal

I’ve been a member of UUCB since fall 2018, although I started coming regularly before that time. I was looking for an open and accepting church culture which included stewardship of the earth in its core values. The children’s choir, holiday pageants, MUUsicShare, and talent shows are just some of the opportunities my children have enjoyed being involved with. My daughters and I love the community we have found here. — Jennifer

I’ve been a member of UUCB since 2015, after years of contemplating walking into this beautiful building I could once see from my backyard. A quick internet search gave me the confidence to finally visit this welcoming, intelligent, and thoughtful congregation. Immediately I became enamored with the number of avenues available for members and friends of the church to become involved based on their strengths and interests. I’ve loved greeting guests and members alike. I’ve enjoyed working with religious education, adult enrichment, and the film committee over the years. The diversity of thought, care for the community at large, and respect for differences in opinion has kept me actively seeking further involvement. The robust social justice initiatives and continued active involvement with improving Birmingham only deepens my respect and commitment to this UU community. — Samantha