Our UUCB and UUCT Partnership

In 2022, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham (UUCB) and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tuscaloosa (UUCT) began a partnership. The initial intent was to help each congregation fill in gaps after the COVID-19 pandemic stretched resources thin for both congregations. The two congregations now share a minister, The Rev. Julie Conrady. UUCT live-streams UUCB’s Sunday services at their location and shares certain programming and staff. Rev. Julie preaches in person at UUCT once per month and delivers certain holiday services.

Over time, this agreement has become even more meaningful than simply helping our churches survive a rough patch. We have created bonds of trust, cooperation and friendship, all driven by our desire to keep liberal tradition alive in Central Alabama. The membership of both congregations continues to grow. You’re invited to join us whenever you are!

UUCB and UUCT Partnership Memorandum of Understanding — Purpose and Vision (Covenant)

  • We the UUCB and UUCT congregations commit to a partnership which works to strengthen and grow our congregations with a shared vision for Unitarian Universalism in Central Alabama. Our shared vision is to build a community that is welcoming, inclusive, diverse, and compassionate.
  • We commit to building and maintaining trust between our congregations and congregants through active listening and direct, open and honest communication.
  • Our congregations commit to an appreciation of our individual and group identities and the many unique and shared gifts we bring to this partnership. We strive to be respectful, responsive and affirming toward each other in these distinctions and differences.
  • We will continue to work together through shared stewardship, Sunday services, committee work and other events that foster our mutual missions, goals and need for support. This is an evolving covenant. We commit to striving toward and maintaining a shared clarity among our congregations by regularly revisiting this covenant.

“The UU church has, for the last twenty-five years, been my home, my family and my community. It is part of the reason I stayed in Tuscaloosa and the thought of it ending because of loss of membership and COVID made me very sad. The partnership with UUCB is like a lifeline. There is hope in our continuance, in our working with each other, and that has bouyed me and so many others. I now have more family, more community and more reason to stay active and connected.”

— Ana Self Schuber