Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. We’re a Welcoming Congregation that honors differences of belief. We support free religious thought, unbound by creeds or doctrine, and we welcome people from all religious backgrounds and beliefs as well as those with no prior religious affiliation. Our church is dedicated to justice, morality, and freedom.

We offer ministry, life-long learning and social action to benefit the community. These elements support our mission, and our vision of a better world. We’re a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA).

Browse through our pages and come visit with us any Sunday morning at 10 AM. We think you’ll find us unique among Birmingham churches. We think you’ll feel right at home.

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Overcoming Indifference: Making the Population Connection in Today’s Crowded World

John Seager from Population Connection emphasizes the connections between human population growth and social justice, environmental issues, and women’s rights. United Nation statistics predict world population to be near eight billion people, making awareness of the consequences of population growth for people and … read more.